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    Default My story 2.5 yrs later..

    I've been thinking A LOT about my labour and birth of my DS (who is now 2.5) because I am pregnant again..
    I have put off thinking about it because it was really hard for me. That is part of the reason I have waited to have another baby I guess but i'm hoping that if I write it all out I will be able to sort it in my mind and not be scared to face birthing this baby.
    So here we go...

    I was given a EDD of the 19th Nov. This was then changed to the 15th. It got to the 19th and I was still pregnant and feeling good. I had an appt the next day and was sent for an ultrasound to check on DS. He looked a bit grumpy but still very cute as always.
    I had to go downstairs to see if I would need an induction. I was pretty scared and didn't know what I could or couldn't do here.
    I was checked out and had a stretch and sweep which was extremely uncomfortable! Then I went back into a room with a heap of different couples to wait for our diagnosis.
    The doctor went around the room telling one couple to come back next week, another to have lots of s3x over the weekend and another to come back in a few days. I was last and she said to me "You're not going home, you need to be induced now". They said I had low levels of amniotic fluid though looking back later the report said they were ok, not great, but OK.

    Needless to say I was shocked and nervous at this. I had nothing with me and asked if I could please leave to get my things. She agreed because I lived close but I had to be back within half an hour. We rushed home and I threw some things together still trying to come to terms with the fact I was going to have a baby soon and trying not to cry because it felt so fast!

    I was admitted to the antenatal ward and at 6:30 they gave me gel internally. The exam and administering it was painful to say the least. I was set up to be monitored and not long after I started to get EXTREME pain and contractions on top of each other.

    Turns out I was in the 5% of people who have a hypersensitive uterus and don't react well to the gel Being on the antenatal ward the strongest pain relief I could be given was panadol forte and within 5 minutes of having it I vomited so it was no use. They then gave me a needle of something to help the nausea.
    They sent my partner home at 11:30 after trying to get him to leave for awhile before that. So there I was alone having the worst pain I had ever experienced and confined to a bed to be monitored.
    I kept asking to go to the toilet so that I could get off the bed but it didn't offer too much relief and finally at 12 when they took the monitors off I hopped in the shower. It did nothing for the pain. I mostly just sat on the floor until I had enough strength to get up and dress again.
    I was given a sleeping tablet to attempt to give me some rest in between contractions (like there was much time in between?!?) it did not put me to sleep though I question what effects it had on DS who was sleepy for the next few days.

    I called a nurse at one point when I went to the toilet as there was a lot of blood but apparently that was normal only no one had told me to expect it.
    I don't know what time they gave me an internal but they decided to finally move me down to the labour ward as I was 3 cm and got in contact with DP to tell him to get back to the hospital.
    At this time he didn't have his license and so he had to wake my Dad at 2am and my sister decided to come.

    I was wheelchaired down to labour and don't remember much other than it being incredibly painful and trying to count. As soon as I got there all I wanted to do was go to the toilet and I even asked if I could have him there because I didn't want to move.
    DP arrived sometime between me getting there and going in the bathroom. I don't remember much of this part. He says my waters broke in the bathroom.
    DP and the midwife managed to get me to the bed and after 10 mins of pushing I had DS at 2:55am on the 21st.

    It all went so painfully and so quickly that I feel like I don't remember it or i've blocked it out so that I can't remember it. My sister was down the hall in the waiting room and says she could hear me Apparently I punched DP but I actually do remember that because I was leaning forward and went to lie back and he was in the way..

    I don't remember birthing the placenta or them cutting the cord. I remember looking at my son and thinking he was the most beautiful person ever and then I had to get stitches because I had internal tears. I could not stop shaking and they had to give me gas. Funny I hadn't thought to have gas during the labour!

    I was allowed a few hours to rest in that room and it was great to snuggle up with DS. DP fell asleep and I did too so my sister took DS and held him whilst watching Spongebob.

    I love my son and am so glad I have him. I am glad that I didn't have to have any further intervention (though at one point I did ask a nurse if I could have a caesarean if I was there the next day). I just hope that next time I will be allowed to go into labour naturally and still have a healthy baby.

    I am hoping I can not be scared or anxious about giving birth by the time I have to do it again.. I have until end of Jan/beginning of Feb so I can do it.

    Thanks to anyone that read this. I just really needed to get it out. I know it's not an awful birth story but for me I was 19 and I guess pretty naieve. It took me months afterward to feel okay and it took almost a full year until I could DTD without pain. I don't know why that was but I DO NOT want that to happen again.

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    I had a similar reaction to the cervidil in my last birth, except i didn't dilate and had to wait for the labour to stop and then they had to restart it.

    Take reassurance that out of 6 births it was the only one like that.

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    Ok here is a short version of my first birth.
    I was enduced the day before ds's due date. We arrived at 7am, gel given at 8am then again soon after. I was having mild contractions by 11am which got more severe throughout the day. I was dilating a little. 10pm my waters broke just as they were going to give me pethidine to help me rest. Contractions continued through the night but dilation didn't. The next morning my ob visited and broke my waters. Seems they hadn't broken properly as thought the night before. Soon after the contractions were stronger and closer together and I started dilating but not enough. I had an epidural mid morning. Can't remember if I had oxytocin before of after epidural. The epidural made me more comfortable but not for long. They offered me the gas which I complied with then considering my severe pain they topped up the epidural. At around 3pm bubs heart rate was dropping, ob told me this baby needed to come out now otherwise I would need an emergency cs. I replied "well just get the baby out then because I do not want a cs" So failed suction, episiotomy, followed by 2 attempts at a forcep delivery and our baby boy was finally out weighing 8pound 6ounces. He was healthy and required no assistance. I was then very ill from the gas. My labour was 33hrs and dh was there the entire time. Later when dh had gone home I collapsed in the bathroom from extremily low blood pressure.

    Anyway all healed well, no dramas. Fast forward 2ish years and we were expecting baby boy #2. I was very anxious of a repeat of the first birth. My ob said he would do a cs if I wanted one but his suggestion was to try natural with earlier intervention which I was happy with. Due to ds1's size having played a huge part to my complicated labour and birth babies size was monitored and I was enduced 2 weeks early. This time my ob broke my waters straight up, I had the epidural again but seems my body doesn't block out pain. I had a top up soon after and still felt everything. Our baby boy was born 4hrs after my waters were broken. The contractions were closer and I dilated alot quicker than the first time round. 2 pushes with a small episiotomy and bub was out.

    My births were so totally different. I hope yours will be too


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