DS got one for Christmas when he was 6. He's not really that into it. More so, his ipod! He's CONSTANTLY on that thing! And always asking for new games. Originally I bought it intending only to have educational games on it (the ipod not the DS) but he's got some non-educational games as well and tbh- I'm a little uneasy on it. It's not what I intended it for.

DS will also be getting an ipad for his birthday in 3 months and a laptop in the next year. This is due to us beginning our homeschooling adventure around Aus and it assisting in his learning (hence the educational intention). I'd like to be able to put all the "fun" games into a folder with a passcode so I can have control over when he's playing them and assurance that he's accessing the educational aps a little more.

Hmm, bit off topic there- sorry.