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    Default 16mth old is testing me and im about to loose it!!

    Hi, i have a gorgeous little 16mth old who is just beginning to test my boiling point!

    I want to know how other parents 'keep their cool'?
    I HATE yelling, and WILL NOT yell at her, ever... unless it's a life threatening situation!
    I HATE the word NO and prefer to elaborate and explain as appose to just shouting no!

    But on "those days", you know, the one's where they just do everything they're not supposed to - Pulls everything out of the rubbish bin countless times (breaks child locks), Throws her food at my face, headbuts my cheekbone (ok this was an accident but my golly it hurt!) and slaps my face even tho everytime she does it, i tell her i dont like slapping and put her hand down and walk away from her.
    Somedays she really tests my temper and a few times i have just lost it and shouted at her. While im shouting i know how wrong and pointless it is, it's not teaching her anything by yelling. If anything, it's making her anxious and confused! But at that point i just dont care, im so over the behaviours!

    My DH does say no to her alot and what really bugs me is when he is watching her do something she shouldnt be (like pulling on the curtains) and he will keep repeating in a monotone voice "no dd.....no...no dd" FROM THE COUCH! i have to tell him to get off his **** and move her away!!!!!!!!!!! omg! is he testinig me too?? lol

    So with dissapline and setting boundaries ...how do you refrain from yelling and turning into dragon woman when your child tests you?
    This may be an over reaction, but I dread her turning into a brat of a child who never listens or respects adults!
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    I get that it is frustrating. My ds is 16mths too but he is too young to understand. It's an adventurous time for them to explorer. They are learning. I continue to tell ds "no" when he touches something he shouldn't which isn't often as our house is pretty well child proofed so not much at all he can get into. His issue is climbing, he started climbing very young and is a shocker but not much I can do about it but go with the flow. Yelling at your dd at this young age would not be doing her any good. And she is too young in my opinion to be using discipline. Perhaps your just stressed and need to take some time out, go for a walk or something, leave dd with your partner for a bit.

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    hi hunkamunka, first of all, not every mother "keeps cool', you are not the only one who gets to boiling point, I can promise you that. We all have had those bad days, and I really think there is no harm in occassionaly getting cross and putting a bub into the cot or playpen for a time out. Time out for mum, not for bub. What is important is consistancy. Whatever is out of bounds one day is always out of bounds. Children need to know what is acceptable behaviour in your house, or when they are with you, then they will adapt to other circumstances, such as school or grandmas place. At only 16months bub is still learning everything, so it is important that the lessons are repeated. Unfortunately, it means mums get streched to the limit on a daily basis. Marie.

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