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    Quote Originally Posted by missie_mack View Post
    Bullying is so much better dealt with these days! Previous generations often believed it was good for kids to be bullied and teachers wouldn't have called home or even gotten involved except to break up a physical fight. So I am confused at how this is a new gen issue?

    In a galaxy far far away....
    i didn't say bullying was a new issue, just that in today's society it seems to be all talk and no action about preventing bullying. i spoke to the principal about lunches being stolen, an older student abusing another one incessantly, my son being punched and his response was (word for word) 'some kids need to build resilience'

    unfortunately that leaves me of the opinion that at my son's old school the disciplinary measures are non-existent. which explains why the grade 7 children bring alcohol to school to drink at lunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by SugarSkull View Post
    I think people have become softer. I don't care if I get attacked for saying that because it's the way I feel and that's that.
    I think this too

    I was appalled by the disrespect of 3 teenage girls in a shopping centre the other day. I took ds1 into the parent/children's room to go to the toilet. There are 2 girls at the mirror doing their makeup, 1 was in the toilet. I said to ds "off you go" letting his hand go, he is just about to go into the toilet when one of the girls pushed in front of him, into the toilet and closes the door. I was like WTF, she just pushed in front of a 4yr old. No respect whatsoever! My blood was boiling and I said as politely as I could manage "excuse me that was very rude, this is a parent/child room not a makeup room, you girls shouldn't be in here to begin with and How dare you push in front of a little boy like that" I was silly if I expected an apology, the girl didn't reply and the other 2 girls didn't even look at me.

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    I think there is a big difference between fear and respect. I think a lot of the time past generations were polite etc out of fear of getting a good hit, rather than actual respect.

    But I also think we are a much more individualistic society than we used to be, but that goes for us ALL, not just youth. There are a lot of grown ups that are out for themsleves and will disrespect anyone in order to serve their own needs first. The younguns learn from this (think road rage, people saying they are going to kick your head in if you are kicking balls near cars etc).

    Oh and yes I think a small part of it is that we cotton wool our kids and over-praise them.

    Most teenagers I meet are very friendly and respectful, but I treat them the same way so they don't have a reason not to be.

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