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    My dd goes to kindy in WA. She is the youngest in her class, turns 4 on the 23rd with the cut off for the year being 1 July. So anyone born after this has to wait till the following year. She goes 8.30-2.35, 2 days a week. Pre-primary is 5 days next year for her.

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    I spoke to the center director yesterday when picking DS up from daycare. She said that there's a new statewide protocol being implemented this month. It's like an umbrella protocol that applies to all centers, preschools and family daycares in NSW.

    Preschool can be as many days as you want/need and is still from 6.30-6.30 as lots of parents work.
    The difference between the daycare rooms and the preschool rooms is that the activities they do in the preschool rooms are more advanced.
    They have a 3-4yo room and a 4-5yo prep room.

    Also, they no longer have kids inside at a certain time and outside pay at a certain time. They have the doors open and the kids can go and run outside or play inside whenever they want. Except for lunch and naptime, they have to come inside to eat and listen to a story and have quiet/naptime.
    She says since they implemented this, kids have become a WHOLE lot more settled as some kids like DS, need to run outside to get rid of energy and concentrate better inside on crafts and stuff.

    So yeah, I can keep DS going to ABC for as many days I want and for whatever hours between 6.30 and 6.30.


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