Hey, My Names Kimberly mother to one Gemma Catherine May, Im currently 20 years old and Gemma is 3 in august. Im engaged to my gorjuzz partner Jason xo the love of my life

Life was really hard having gemma full time on my own as my ex partner was always away at work made it difficult. Along with being a young mum all those evil looks and snoby remarks but I kept myself cool and calm and I know id never give back a day not one because gemma is the best thing to happen to me, I dont regret having her I regret the way we brought her into the world.

Along with mother hood I have 2 German Shepherds and one is having puppies (26th of june 2012) and we show them so gemma get alot of camping and out door experince all over victoria sometimes interstate and she loves it.

Id like to meet other young mums arounf my area in the hope to make new friends and friends for gemma, she has those through kindii but id prefer if I could pick who she plays with.