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    SPC - if she is happy to try to take advantage of you by trying to recruit you, I believe the religion of Karma makes it ok for you to be a but cheeky & utilize her services for your little girls birthday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~ElectricPink~ View Post
    Maybe just be open and chat to her about your concerns? Just be honest about the fact that you are not interested in joining said cult, but you really love her work with her photography and would be honoured if she would still be willing to take the photographs and in return you will be a reference for her portfolio/resume? If she is truly wanting to build up her business then I doubt that she would jeapardise her career by trying to push her religion on others whilst working.

    She may not have been trying to actively recruit, maybe she just likes you and thought that maybe you would get as much use out of her religion as she does.

    It could be that she just genuinely thought that her cult/religion/faith system would be good for you after some conversation. If she just sort of added it in at the end before she left it might have genuinely have been off-hand.

    I would say to her that I'd love for her to be there to further her portfolio but as it's a children's party you'd appreciate her keeping her religion to herself unless someone asks, as it's not really appropriate for a kids party.


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