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    lots of different things.

    I find that most times you can avoid the behaviour if you notice the triggers leading up to it...

    My kids aren't 'naughty'... but there are a lot of them and they grate on each others nerves which leads to tension and lashing out either physically or with words.

    Lots of reinforcing of positive behaviour and direct modelling "Jordan. Our family speaks nicely to each other. You can say "Julian, please watch your feet because it keeps knocking my tower" but you must not scream at him".

    Oliver and Jordan get sent to their rooms for being sassy to me or their dad, or told to go and come back when they're ready to behave like members of our family...

    Gabe and Julz aren't too bad... they get told off and that tends to work for them.
    Lysander gets time out, but mostly just distracted.... he's only 2.

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    We generally have an early to bed punishment for the older kids, and if they've been particulary bad, they get no DS. For the younger ones they get put in their room til they've calmed down. And yes, I smack (although not often).

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    Quote Originally Posted by loving6 View Post
    We have six kids and we tailor our discipline to each child and their personal currency, Eg dd2 hates washing up, so that a job I can get her to do, ds1 loves his computer so a ban on that really gets him.

    I use a huge range of things.

    I won't use 123 anymore as found it taught them they didn't need to stop or do something straight away. I do use warnings.
    This ^^ I have 4 ranging from 7.5 to 3mths old. The baby obviously doesn't need disciplining but if my older kids play up I discipline according to what they've done and which child it was. Ds2 hates being on his own and being quiet so he gets sent to his bed until his quiet and calm, ds1 gets banned from things like computer/tv etc and dd gets time out on a chair in her room until she stops screaming. Sometimes they have to sit and face the wall too.

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    Im a horrible Disipliner. DH and I dont have a set this is what we do. We base it on whats happening. Which is probably a bad thing in the long run. Our kids are fairly good, they like to irritate one another on an hrly basis. But with 4 kids you expect it.
    We rarely smack but have and will if things get bad anough and nothing else works. But I found prevention is better than a bandaid. If things get outta control we start with a wk of early bed, less shop food more great-grandma style food and less technology.
    The more "modern" their lives the worse their behaviour. They seem to thrive on old fashioned everything. So we have 4 days a week where they are not allowed technology unless its for school. (lights etc are an expectition. Just no PS3, TV, IPad etc), more sport/outside play and I make more of of concious effort to make everything even gravy, from scratch. We just slow our lives right down.
    I find the busier we are the worse they are especially DS1 hes a shocker.
    We will ban items and make them earn it back. Or I send them to their room and they can earn their way out eg fold the washing.


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