Hi my name is Melanie and I am a first year Student Midwife with Griffith University.
Over the course of my degree I am required to recruitpregnant women who would approve of having myself follow them along theirjourney through pregnancy and birth.

I am currently seeking a minimum of 3 ladies birthing at the Logan Hospital who are 25+ weeks pregnant, and 3 women who may have just recently found out they are pregnant, and so birthing next year.

If this is you firstly, CONGRATULATIONS this is a very exciting time and if you would like to ask me any questions about having me as your student midwife please don't hesitate to ask.

I have 2 children of my own so I like to think it gives me a personal insight into your experience, making me more compassionate and understanding of this precious time in your life.

If you were interested in having me as a student midwife Ican organise a time to come and have a coffee with you and talk about it orhere is a summary of what it involves below.
I am required to attend a minimum of 5 antenatalappointments with you.
{antenatal appointments include anything where you and bubare physically assessed for blood pressure, fundal height, fetal heartmonitoring, feeling your belly etc so can be a GP visit [either in thecommunity or at the hospital clinics], a midwife visit [again either in thecommunity clinics or at the hospital], or an Obstetrician.]
I can also attend ultrasounds or antenatal classes etc withyou if you would like me too but these don't count under the 2/5 visits. But Iam happy to attend if you would like some extra support.
I must always meet you at these appointments for insurancereasons and can never meet you at home unless a midwife will be visiting you aswell ( eg. postnatal home visit)
BIRTH; If you would allow me to follow you through yourpregnancy, I am also required to attend the birth of your baby. I understandthat this is a very private and special time for a couple and I would not bedoing anything to impose myself on this special occassion.
The benefits of this for you are having an extra supportperson throughout your labour who can offer encouragement, help you focus ifyou need it and help with anything you request like massage, heat packs andgetting showers ready etc. I have found a few ladies i have already supported through their labours said this was especially beneficial if their partners worked away ( truck driver, in the mines, in the armed forces overseas etc) as I had followed the journey with them and understood their plans for their birth, if their partner couldnt make it or was late then there was someone else always available.
{ please note when the hospital states you can only have 2 people in the birth suite with you during labour this does not include me, I am counted as 'staff' so you can still have your two support people }

I am only allowed to stay at the birth for a maximum of 12hours due to insurance reasons, so for this reason I ask that you text/call mewhen you start true contractions/waters break so I know to get ready to come tohospital. When you head into hospital and are in active labour I will join youat the hospital to support you. This is just so I don't come in too early andmy 12 hours runs out and I have to leave before your baby is born.
It is also a bonus to having a student midwife that therewill always be a familiar face in the midwifery team, as you may not have metyour midwife until you arrive at the birthing suite that day. This is calledContinuity of Carer and is the main focus of this experience, that you wouldhave someone with you throughout this entire experience when you would normallyonly see a different face at each visit.
After the birth of your baby I will see you at your 24 hourcheckup with your midwife ( whether thatbe while you are still in the hospital or at home) to see how you are settlingin and then again at 6 weeks postpartum ( as a minimum).
During all of the above interactions I am required to takenotes during and after your appointments. All information is confidential andwe do not use your real name. No information will be given or discussed with athird party and before I am designated as your Student Midwife you would needto sign a letter of consent ( which I will return a copy of to you and thehospital records).
You can call or text me at anytime that you may havesomething about your pregnancy or baby that you wish to discuss and I can actas your advocate if you would like some research into any number of things suchas alternate pain relief, positions for labour, real risks of proceudures byevidence etc.
You can , of course, change your mind at any time if youwould like to pull out of the experience, I will understand.

I hope this has answered some questions you may have had and if you feel you would like the extra support of a student midwife I would love to hear from you.

Private message me and I will forward you my contact details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.