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I know , we all doubt ourselves at times ! You have to do what works for you and if it's working and isn't bothering you then I'd definitely relax and not give it a second thought !!

Besides from DD still waking my DS is 2.5 and still wakes twice a night for a bottle . Sure I know it wouldn't work for some , but I definitely lean to the very relaxed side about these things , who am I to say he's not still hungry or thirsty.

9 months is still just a wee little baby in my eyes , I wouldn't second guess myself for a second :-)
Thank you I like to think I take a more relaxed approach too, but theres always just that one thing I second guess myself on! He never settles any other way and he doesnt throw up those bottles so I figure he needs them so why stop! Its just interesting to see what other babies are having. Thanks for the kind words

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