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    Default Quiet activities to do when toddler stops napping

    DD is nearly 3yo and she hasn't been sleeping during her after-lunch nap lately (her alternative activities so far have included dismantling the toys in her room, tearing up her books and pooing on the floor...). Other than her baby brother arriving 7wks ago, I haven't changed anything with her routine so maybe the new baby is the problem, but I'm now looking for quiet things to entertain her with after lunch and could use some suggestions.

    She's got a couple of Wiggles DVDs but she only wants to watch the 'best of' one where she dances and sings, which isn't especially 'gentle' or quiet. I'm up half the night with DS so I'm tired and need a bit of quiet time myself (I used to sleep when DD did so I'm struggling!) so ideally we could all sit in the living room together and I could put my feet up on the couch while DD sat and watched or did something. What does everyone else do? I don't have the energy to take her on an outing after lunch.

    I should also add that she IS really tired and obviously still needs a daytime nap, but she just won't sleep. I end up putting her to bed earlier in the evening, but she'll always have a big tanty sometime around dinner time. I'm hoping, of course, that she'll start napping again soon!

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    My DD sounds very similar. I don't mind her watching a movie on her DVD player, that way it can be on low volume and next to her on the couch.

    I have a painting box that she can pull out anytime, heaps of paper, pens and stickers. I don't mind her going through my sewing box or jewellery box, the gift wrapping drawer etc - might make a bit of a tangle but can always be undone.

    Her all time favourite - I put a little bath of water on a towel on the floor with soap mini-towel etc and she baths her baby doll, dresses it, wraps it and puts it in the pram or cot to sleep etc. I just keep an eye out so that she doesn't slip if the water goes on the tiles.

    I also have some really cheap old makeup that she puts on another doll that washes off quite easily, but this is a little dangerous as now she wants to use the good stuff!

    There's always play dough, ask her to organise the plastics cupboard, match up playing cards...

    Hope this helps, good luck!


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