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    Hope you are coping well at the moment. I think because the wound is really raw, u need to give yourself some time to calm down and think through things. A short seperation will be good for you both to think about the future. It sounds like he is still into the marriage and you. I'm not saying to forgive him straight away but go with your heart. This is the man you choose to marry, we all have faults. Think about why things were not too good between you two the last few years. There is always a reason why men or women will cheat on their partners. It's worth thinking about it and reconsider your options. It must be hard for you at this point in time. Turn to your family or close friends. You need support most. Do not be pressured into making any decision. All the best!

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    Hmmmm tough one. Why does he want counseling now? Why not 2 years ago? You could've maybe had a much happier time in the last 2 years.
    Do you believe him when he says he never met with them? I mean, you know him better than we do.
    I agree about a short separation so you can think and maybe make some inquiries as to what you need to do and organize IF you were to leave him for good.

    Unfortunately a friend of mine who was dead miserable with her husband, stayed with him because she was worried it would be too hard to move away from him. The relationship got worse, he started cheating on her and then physically abusing her. Until one day her parents (they had keys to the house) packed all her and their kids belongings while she an her husband were both at work and put everything in storage and then waited at her house for the kids to come home and for her to come home.
    Her parents then took them to their house and started organizing a safe place to live for her and she never spent another night with her husband. They divorced a year later.
    I am glad her parents stepped in. I never liked the guy and I was so worried hat one day the violence would get out of hand.

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    Thinking if you OP, I hope you are ok xox

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