We are getting the new baby's car seat this week and I have started to think about which configuration to have the kids. We have a Ford Territory with 7 seats but at the moment we are just going to use the first row not the second. I currently have a RF convertible car seat for DS2 and DS1 just sits on the normal seat (he is 7). They sit either side with a spare seat in the middle. The new baby will be in a capsule. I can't for the life of me figure out how to have them when we install the new seat. My problems are-
If I put a baby seat on either side and DS1 in the middle he won't be able to get out when I drop him off to school
If i put either the RF convertible seat or the capsule in the middle and DS1 on the side I doubt i'll be able to reach to put them in.
I didn't realise this would be so hard!! I really don't want to turn DS2's seat FF but i'm thinking I may have no choice, so I can put him in the middle, DS1 on the side and the new baby on the other side. Does anyone else have any genius suggestions that I may not have thought of??