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    Quote Originally Posted by Amysan View Post
    they made me have 2 natural periods before starting again after my d&c.

    i took clomid for 5 days (days 3-7 of my cycle) and am having a FET sometime next week i think. bloods & phonecall tomorrow morning to find out. i have pcos tho and dont always ovulate so i guess it might be just in case my hormones are low.

    i am nowhere near as excited this time. i suffered a chemical pregnancy on first ivf in feb/march this year. even at the stage we are at now, i still feel down. not like last time, last time i had my entire nursery planned by the first injection. i only just the strength up to visit bubhub again a few days ago. to you.
    i am sorry for what you have been though sending lots of BIG hugs
    and sending you all the positive vibes and your way.

    Girl x i think that is a great question i just read about a ladys ivf cycles and she always planned her next cycle while in another i belive in always being prepared and now your options

    thank you ladys keep them coming and maybe some tips or thing you did different from your last cycle would be a bonus

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    Tia & Girlx - I did a medicated cycle because I have pco - hence all the eggs from my first stim! But it is way gentler on your body, just like an OI cycle Girlx. Then they transferred 6 days after trigger, a 5 day hatching blasty.

    If this one is unsuccessful I plan on doing a back to back FET, I don't think there is any reason I would have to wait between.

    Love hearing about all the clinics with high fet stats More success stories please!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a FET success story, who is currently trying to climb my leg. I did a full stim cycle first in which i had an early m/c (my own fault - really do NOT lift anything heavy when pregnant). I then did a natural FET and now have a 15 month old boy.
    We are trying for #2 and will be doing a FET again as we have two frozen embryos.
    So it does happen. I also agree that it is much easier on your body without all the chemicals so that can only be good.


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