Hi lovely ladies,

So here is the situation..my DS is 3.5yrs old now and apart from overnight does not wear a nappy (for the past 6 months) - he was terrific and rarely had accidents.
Now out of the blue we have had 3 nos 2s in his undies this week !!!
He doesnt hide the fact from me - he tells me he has done one.

Ugggghhhh I thought I was over this stage - but here we are back at this again. INitially with toilet training he was great at wees but nos 2 took a little longer and we had continual nos 2s in the undies - until one day out of nowhere he started doing nos 2 on the toilet.

The only thing i can think of is that he wants to be a baby again ( he has made this comment a few times over the past week or so - he does have a younger brother 18 months old and i think he is feeling that his brother "gets away with doing things because he is little and doesnt understand")

So what to do - any advice will be gratefully received - I just cant stand it.

With thanks CLementine