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    Question Choosing a new sewing machine....

    Hi everyone.

    I just sold my very basic janome machine and am looking to upgrade to a computerized machine.
    No more Janome though as they are terribly expensive and the local Janome shop has one of THE most rudest sales people I have ever encountered.
    So I am thinking Brother as I am on a budget.
    I have $400,- to spend.

    I am tossing between the NS20 for $379, the NS30 for $429 and and DS140 for $349,-.
    The NS models have a steel frame and will wear slower, the DS140 is just a complete plastic machine and will end up wearing a lot faster.
    I am still a beginner as I haven't really had a lot of time to sew with DS now being special needs and being a sole parent for life.
    So that is why I really don't want to fork out 600-700 bucks for something that will be overkill.

    The NS20 and DS140 have 40 stitches and 1 button hole, the NS30 has 70 stitches and 7 button holes.

    So which one would you go for? There's $80 difference between the worst and best model.....

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    Im a sewist but still on a basic machine because i can't afford to upgrade! I would go the n30 seriously love that machine! And there are so many tutorials online to show you things!

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    If I ever have the time, I'll do an online sewing course, but it will be when DS starts school in like 3 years lol

    The DS140 is an older model and Spotlight is the only one who sells it here. You get 40 stitches for $349 on a plastic machine whereas you get 40 stitches on steel machine for $379. So "only" 30 bucks extra. I am just not sure if that plastic is such a big deal. I wont use the machine all day every day, so surely it wont wear out that much?
    On the other hand, when I do get the hang of sewing and DS starts school, I will be using it a lot more and it might wear out then. So I will have to upgrade again.

    The problem I have with Spotlight is the service and warranty.
    If the machine breaks down while in warranty, they pack it up and send it to Sydney. It takes between 4-6 weeks before you get the machine back. Not good when you have people who want you to make something for them.
    Also, they don't show you all the tips and tricks on how to use the machine. You need to take it home, study the manual and only if you really really don't get it, will they make an appointment to sit down with you.

    The NS20 and NS30 are being sold by Spotlight too, but also via a local Brother sales person at a little sewing/quilting shop. They have the same price.

    The salesperson at the small shop, will actually sit down with you and show you all the tips and tricks prior to you purchasing it. That way you can take it home and start sewing straightaway. If something goes wrong or if you end up not being able to figure something out, you just take it back to the shop and they'll show you again.
    Also, they fix the machines right there and then. No sending to Sydney.

    So I guess I want either the NS20 or the NS30 as they are steel, but which one should I go for?
    The NS30 looks like overkill right now. Yet maybe in the future I might grow into it. If I have the NS20, but get better at sewing in time I will have to upgrade once again.
    It's just that the NS30 is above my budget

    It sucks being on such a tiny budget


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