I'm new to this and am a little bit nervous writing this introduction. I have an 11 week old gorgeous baby boy (Marcus) who was born via a caesarian section as my body failed to progress. I also have an 11 year old daughter (Fi) who was born via a vaginal birth. I am loving being at home and focusing on my children and all that it involves. Up until I went on maternity leave I was working as a midwife and lactation consultant and have been busy when my son is asleep doing assignments for some lactation study. I have one and a half more assignments to go which is great. I live in Canberra, my partner is in the army. I love the ease of the internet! I love looking at websites for baby and preteen clothing and toys etc. I love baking cup cakes.....I also like to keep an eye on the news and the afl and have really enjoyed the block and my preteen has kept us up to date with the voice!

Hope you have a great day/ or night!