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    yay disney! Thats awesome advice, and so glad it went well. Its all becomming so real for you now! Not long!! I agree with your dr, TTC can get SO obsessive, which is why i am not OPKing or Temping, granted i did last month, but i was happy once i confirmed i was ovulating, im not worried about it at all now. I just noted any twinge or difference around then, and i noticed i got similar this month at the same time...

    Hailzy, yay for getting implanon out! I would just go to your doctor and tell them u plan to TTC soon, but are concerned about your medication....and ask any questions then. I done this before TTC DS, and although the doctor was good, she seemed very blase about it all! she did give me info etc though, and told me i could have continued on with my medication if i wanted until i was UTD, but i figured id quit it then and there...... I was on allergy desensitisation injections monthly... I havent had once since Feb 2010 and have been ok with only a few really bad eppisodes!

    AFM - no news here, 3 or 4 dpo... (not quite sure, i think i ovulated overnight lol) I had all the signs for a few days prior, and they were gone when i woke up the next day after going to sleep very uncomfortable.

    I May test xmas day, if i cant hold out......just to see if santa thinks ive been nice this year. Ill be about 10/ its possible i might see something! But we will be away, staying in a 2 bedroom unit with my parents for christmas.....with the only toilet being an ensuite to their bedroom... not sure i wanna risk it? Lol.

    Although mum knows we are TTC. (and is jealous lol) she thinks i just need to look at DF and im UTD, i guess she has a point. When TTC DS, within 6 months i'd had a mc and was preg with him, and got a BFP first cycle off the pill this time, it just didnt stick.

    It would be nice to think it'd be "easy". She tells me, that they never ever used birth control and they only had us 4 kids, all spaced right out...when my lil bro was born, i was 4, my 2nd bro was 15, and the other 19....

    Anyway, 4 sleeps till our road trip! im torn, im excited because it means christmas...but not looking foward to the 7-8 hr car trip (normally without kids) with a toddler who suddenly will NOT sleep in the car (or at all tbh ) and dislikes being in his seat for more than 20mins at a time. Shall be interesting! Planning on stopping half way for a few hours to go shopping and let him run riot, hopefully tire him out

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    Time for a new thread ladies ... you'll find it HERE.


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