My DH did NOTHING!! My MIL did everything for him including make his bed at 30 years old!! If I ask he will protest but eventually do it, my advice let everything go, do absolutely nothing for a week or two ( I am a clean freak so this was hard for me) and watch his reaction!! My DH after 4 days asked if I was ok but didn't comment on the state of the house, by the next week he slowly started to clean all the things I wasn't doing ie the bathrooms, sweeping, dishes! Once he had pretty much cleaned the whole house I then asked if it was so hard to chip in? He now helps with dishes, vacuuming, bathrooms, putting away washing only when I don't get a chance as I am stay at home mum who works 2 night from home. I had to live in filth for 2 weeks now he is perfect! I never wanted him to do everything , just if he sees it needs to be done DO IT!! Perfect Husband now, give it a crack!!