3 year old DS started toilet training in Feb after his birthday and is going really well (despite losing interest for approx 6 weeks). We're back into it now, wearing undies, recognising the need to go, taking himself, doing what he needs to do, being rewarded with a sticker (1 for wee, 2 for poo) and has done half a dozen poos on the toilet - all met with significant praise.

However, tonight we've had our 3rd instance of a poo in the bath.. Luckily it was solid and easy to dispose of in the toilet but we're having trouble getting DS to understand that this isn't appropriate, without detracting from his toilet training.

All 3 times he's recognised the need to poo because he said that he needed to go to the toilet but when we checked with him, he said no. Shortly thereafter, a poo appearred in the bath... Tonight, he got himself out of the bath, said he needed to go to the toilet and when I came to check on him, he said he didn't need to go. Five minutes later, we had a big poo in the bath.

He knows he shouldn't do it in the bath because my husband saw him do the second one and saw him straddle one leg on either side of the bath and hold on to each side in order to drop the poo into the bath without it touching him... Very creative and acrobatic (and potentially dangerous if he slipped), but nonetheless, he still knew he shouldn't do it.

Does anyone have any ideas about getting him to understand that recognising the need to toilet is great, but that he needs to make that step to do it on the toilet, not while in the bath??

Thank you