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    I was "raised racists" in some ways. not by my parents, but by the environment I grew up in. I had a few "ah-ha moments" though even as a teenager but I can also remember stupid racist values spewing out of my mouth and thinking I sounded justified.... if not even patriotic to say and think so.

    Though when I was about 15ish I was walking alone and had to walk passed a group of aboriginal men and I couldn't run or cross the road without being obvious... and I was genuinely afraid of them. not because of any personal experience but because I'd been told to be afraid. and they smiled and said hello.... .kinda a "light bulb" moment. reality was so different to what I'd been drilled was how "they" were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annabella View Post
    I agree, it is a very grey area.

    I guess the thing is that if its your OWN race thats responsible for those crimes, you usually don't attribute that particular behaviour to racial background- you can recognise that its other factors. Its usually only when its an 'other' group that people see the race first.

    As for when does a group become responsible for its own stereotyping, well, I guess I see everyone as individual within that race, so one Aboriginal person (for example) can't really be responsible at all for the actions of others that have led to negative stereotyping of their group by a completely seperate group of people. They simply do not have that much control over another's actions or racial stereotyping.

    I just feel sad that all the lovely Aboriginal people I know have people avoid them on the street because of people's experience with other people who just happen to be of the same racial background.

    Also, other definitions of racism do include attributing certain negative behaviours to certain races.

    I do see how difficult this area is for people but I really think people need to try and see past race to the actual person and judge everyone equally. Its not fair to taint people with negativity based on a bad experience with other people of the same race, even if we can kind of sympathise with why they do.
    Totally agree

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