Somthing my own mum said to me the other day really hit me hard. I cant get my head around it. Why did she even say it?

With my first dd i had to have a c-section as she was breech at my ob appointment at 39+6 days. They booked me in the following morning and it all went well, recovery was fine.
Of course there was inital shock of not knowing about the c-section untill the day before i gave birth! I for sure, thought i'd have a natural birth. I was just waiting for labor to kick in! Then i get told, no labor, no pain, no waiting, no pushing, no waters breaking. Yes, i still feel i missed out on going thru the labor/birth process.

Anyways, i was telling my mum i really hope i can go into labor naturally and try to have a natural birth this time! I'd really like to experience my body doing it's natural thing this time...if i can!
Then she just looked at me and laughed and said this:

"pfffttt!!!!!, you dont want to go thru that! You wont be able to handle that sort of pain! You will feel one twinge and be asking for drugs! HAHAHA! no no no, U were so lucky u didnt go thru an ounce of pain with the birth of dd1 and i'd be happy to keep it that way if i were you!"

Ok mum, ur DEFFINATELY not going to be around when i fall into labour!
How un-supportive of her! i was shocked to hear this from her!
I didnt feel an ounce of pain when i had DD1 via c-section??????
Why is she being to damn ignorant?
Now i dont want to talk to her or ask her any more questions about natural births (she pushed out all 3 of hers!)
My own mum, being so harshly judgemental.
Another thing..........
I am very close with my mum. We share alot with eachother. However, I'm so annoyed at myself that i asked her opinion of some of the boys names we were thinking about. I regret it so much i even told her my favourite name. She said it reminded her of an Essendon AFL footballer she used to love and she went on and on and on and on about it. DAMMIT. I dont want her bringing up this stupid footballer from 20 yrs ago every time i say my son's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.

Wish i could get out of the habbit of sharing personal stuff with my mum, but she's like my bestie