Interesting thread. At the start when I wasn't so stressed or worried my fertility would be an issue I didn't mind what people asked or said so much. Now 3 years on and a whole lot of disappointment and heart break I find it more difficult to deal with. A hug and I hope you are ok would be enough for me. But things like a close friend joking about letting me borrow her son. I mean really? That always makes me annoyed. But my favourite is my accountant (female in her 40s) who I have met 3 times. Last year when advising her of my claimable Medical expenses she decided that she would ask me if I was pregnant, if I was religious, why I was doing it. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say and answered the questions. Today I did my taxes again and told DH she better not do it again. But Couldn't help herself. I just felt violated.