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    Quote Originally Posted by MumToBeat23 View Post
    I'm going through a similar thing OP, exDP and I have a 5 and a half month old DD.. We have broken up twice before and are now split. In hindsight we've never seriously addressed our issues. We 'say' we have, but it lasts a few weeks and we are back to square one. This time though we are not trying to get back together - we are focusing on ourselves separately and our DD. We have a view of getting back together in the future but want to give it until the end of the year before we do - so we can make sure any changes made are permanent ones..

    To those who did counselling, do you think that was the 'fixer'? Would you recommend it for us? Would it work if we aren't actually together but wanting to make it work in the foreseeable future?

    Sorry to hijack OP.

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    All good.

    My ex is like a drug to me - I just can't stay away. I never ever stopped thinking about him after we broke up both times. It's been 6 months exactly today since we split up the second time.

    He isn't comfortable with seeing me yet, and he's admitted that he finds it hard to trust me after everything that's happened in the past. He told me I can't keep screwing him over cos he doesn't deserve that which is fair enough. I told him we don't have to rush into anything, and that I didn't try hard enough last time, because I didn't. It was hard having a relationship with him and not living together though, as the first time we lived together from 3 months until I left him 7 years later.

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    This is a question that is very close to home for me. Ex-DP and I speak regularly about getting back together or not. There is a lot of water under the bridge - hell, it was a damn tsunami if you want to talk about how much water has gone under. But we always draw back to eachother. Every. Single. Time.

    TBH I have no idea. Really don't. Good luck though!

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    I think it all depends on the two people in the relationship as to whether a reconcilliation will be successful. It works for some people and it doesn't for others. So I think it very much depends on the people and the situation/history involved.


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