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    Default Desperate for some advice!

    Hi :-) I'm having a lot of trouble getting my 13mth old DD to sleep. She has coslept since birth as I'm a clueless first time mum who didn't know what else to do!
    Usually I put her down in her bed after an hour of walking up and down the hallway and a final bf then she will stay down an hour before waking and then refuse to go back to her own bed after that and will wake a further 6 times a night with a bf as her only soother. Lately it takes 2-3hours to get her to sleep if I can get her in her bed at all she will only stay down for 5-10min then it takes a further 2hrs to get her back down followed by the continuous waking.
    Her day sleeps are getting just as bad and will only sleep if I'm next to her.
    The walking and continues wakes have me running on empty! I'm trying very hard to cut out the bfs but not sure of any other way to sooth her, she refuses a bottle, dummy, teddy, blanket all she wants is mum. I have tried cc and there is no way I can do that so would love some 'no cry' sleep suggestions that will work on a 1yr old! Tia!

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    Can't help you with the no-cry sleep suggestions but wanted to tell you that you're not clueless for letting her co-sleep! You did because it worked for both of you and there's nothing wrong with it.
    Your DD sounds like mine. I just did what worked for us... which was I used to bf her to sleep then rock her until she was in a deep sleep then transfer her, or after we finished Bfing and she got to heavy to rock, we would lie with her in our bed then transfer her once she was asleep. She also used to wake up to 8 times a night for resettling. The important thing to note is that when she reached 20 months she just automatically started sleeping through

    Just wanted to reassure you that what you're doing now is fine and if you're worried it will last forever, it won't. However check out Pinky McKay, She may have some advice for you


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