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    Default Sinus infection = antibiotics, now earache

    Can anyone please help me. I've had a sinus infection for 10 days (and fluid in both ears which I guess is part of the infection) and having been to the Doc am on Augmentin Forte Duo and have just started the repeat as the pressure in my cheeks and jaw were still there so he said to keep going on them if it hadn't stopped by the end of round 1. Now today I've started to get a painful earache and my ear feels blocked.

    Is this the antibiotics starting to clear the infection or do I need to go back to the Doc as it's something new?

    I've never had an ear infection before, I'm stunned at how freaking painful they are!

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    Late Reply but in 2009 I had 9 middle ear infections in one year. They were debilitating at one stage and it was caused by bacterial sinus infections.

    Your Sinus/Ears/Throat etc are all interlinked and it is very common to get an ear infection with a sinus infection.

    I used to have to have 4 sets of tablets in one hit which did include a seperate set of tablets for the ear infection.

    But you can go to the chemist and get drops for your ear which actually have a numbing agent in them and they are wonderful! Obviously wont ease and infection but will stop the pain. There are a few varieties just ask the pharmacist.


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