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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan Mac View Post
    BTW. I get that other people love their Thermomix and use it every day... I just can't work out how I would use it enough to justify the expense and bench space.
    I feel the same way. My friend who is a stay at home single mum with an only child pulled her kid out of her favourite sport because she was broke, but found 2k (the sport was $200/term, that would be 10 terms worth) to buy a thermomix that she only used for the first 2 weeks then barely used since. She is late 30s, fully set up and I can't work it out. Now she has an expensive appliance she has very little use for and a kid who is miserable because she had to give up what she loves and to an adolescent that is huge. My slow cooker was $40 and was a gift 7 years ago. For me as a working single mum it has been worth it, but can't do anything I couldn't do in my pot from Sam's Warehouse.

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    I don't it work for me as it is too small. Being a large family and a person who likes to cook in bulk and having no bench tops. Yeah I don't think it is for me.

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    Things that I have made in mine so far have that I never made when I didn't have it are fruit sorbet, steamed dumplings, raw salads (beetroot, carrot, apple, cabbage varieties so far), mayonnaise. These are just a few things I can think of. If you don't want one don't buy it because it is a lot of money to spend on something you dont think you need. I already have a well equipped kitchen but have been using my TMX atleast 4 plus times say day. Today I am making and bottling my own Worcestershire sauce and tomato sauce that I would otherwise buy from the supermarket. Later in the week I am making raspberry jam and relish. The main reasons we bought ours was so that we could cut out additives and preservatives, reduce food wastage and eat more healthily. No doubt you can do most things that you make in a TMX in the traditional way or in other appliances but for me it is about ease and convenience.

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    I have one and don't love - although I am glad I have it.

    I am a chef so have spent yrs cooking a certain way and tbh the thermo does not go with that cooking style.

    It is GREAT for prep and heaps of pastry/dough work which I absolutely love. I also use it grind spices (I have a small spice business), as a blender, I do a fair amount of dessert/sauces in there too.

    I don't use it for
    -cooking meals (ie. a curry or casserole IMO it doesn't brown anything or get you the same result as a cast iron pan that you seal, sweat, deglaze and cook etc) You could probably do pasta sauce in it, but I just use my pot.
    -steaming (although I probably will more when bub arrives)
    -not all cake work - it just doesn't cream as well as my kenwood mixer.

    BUT it is fabulous for things that require weighing and mixing - ie. basic cake mixes, pancake mix, small quantities of jam, custards, creme angalise, icecream. Make the best dough (I have a bread machine but this is heaps better)

    It is a sturdy machine that is super easy to clean and will last a life time, I guess it just depends how you are used to cooking adn what you plan on doing with it.

    If you were someone who was not too set in your cooking ways and wasn't a particular confident cook I think you would really love it. You would use their recipes and make full dinners from scratch in hardly any time all in one pot (jug). But if you are someone who doesn't mind chopping ingredients and hovering over a stove then it you probably won't use it to 'cook meals' per say.

    For me it has been a great investment and I don't regret it, but I don't use it as much as I thought. I dont know if I could survive without it, it has kinda merged into my kitchen but if I had to pick that or all my knifes/pots/gas cooktop I would have to pick the latter.


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    I wanted one, but then decided that I really enjoy the process of cooking in my pots and pans, I really love kneading dough and find cooking quite therapeutic and hate following recipes so no longer want one. After this epiphany, I went out and bought new pots and pans and a lovely le chasseur crock pot instead


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