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    Default Beyond frustrated!

    As the title says...
    I'm at a loss of what to do about my twin DD's and TT.
    They turned 3 in April and were doing really well and only wearing pull ups for long trips in the car or sleeping.

    They've gone completely backwards lately. They will only go to the toilet at pre-school.
    I've just picked them up from there and 5 mins at home both pooed and wet their pants. I put them in the shower and C sat down and pooed in there also.

    I want them out of nappies, I have another baby due in November and we don't want to changing 3 lots of nappies. Especially as they will be 3 and a half by then.
    Nothing in their life/routine has changed and I can't understand why they've gone so backwards with this.
    We've done rewards, positive reinforcement and let them run around the house with no bottoms on.
    They've reached all their other milestones early or on time and have no developmental or physical delays.

    Any advice on what to do would appreciated.

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    Are u sure they go to the toilet at pre-school? Could they possibly be holding all day while they're at pre-school and waiting until they get home where they feel comfortable? It's quite common for little kids to hold on while at school or daycare (my DD has been holding on too long even at home a little lately).

    It's not uncommon to go backwards here and there. My almost 4 year DD has just recently been having a few accidents (one at Kindy last week), and after a few incidences I worked out that it's because she is quite afraid of the dark at the moment (sleeps with the light on all night) and won't go into the bathroom (or any room) unless the light is on, and won't even put her hand in to turn on the light. So I just mentioned it to the teacher that she is afraid of the dark and could they leave the toilet light on, no more accidents yet. Touch wood!

    She had also being doing a bit of a performance at night time too, as she was 6-8 months ago. And refusing to go to the toilet before bed, making a huge deal about it. I don't exactly know why, I think it's just a bit of an attention seeking thing.

    I know it's very frustrating, when my DD was ur twins' age she was very very difficult. She started kindy at 3.5 years and I honestly didn't know if I'd have her toilet trained enough by them, but she has done very well. I hope u get it sorted out soon, I don't envy u trying to get 2 toilet trained at one time!

    Maybe if u focus on one twin at a time, the other might decide it's s good idea to follow along? Sorry I'm not more help..


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