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    Default colicky bub getting worse, what is going on?

    My 18 day old has been on a combination of breastfeeding and formula top-ups since birth due to low birth weight. For the last two days she has been waking every 1.5 hours screaming but being really fussy with feeding. She has also been straining and arching her back like she has a lot of gas, but burping has limited results. Despite a few settled times (usually after offering a formula feed for 30 minutes) she has been really unsettled. She used to breastfeed 15-20 minutes but now it's gone down to 10 minutes then she pulls away and refuses more. After a bit of burping/repositioning she'll latch back on but only comfort suck then sleep. Sometimes she'll bring up milk but usually after a nice long feed. Now today she hasn't done a poo (usually a nice wet one after each feed). Is all this straining because of constipation? Is the constipation due to formula?

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    Welcome to the 18 day (approx) start of hell. It will feel like it is going on for months but my DH assures me it only went for a couple of weeks. There are several suggested reasons why this happens my favourite is this is when their flap between air and food goes through a major development and it tends to cause problems. Online gives you all sorts of advice but we found the getting DD to take the dummy (sucking sliver treats it) worked best. Good Luck.

    Oh and DD was 6 weeks premie but we only fed her 10 minutes each boob every 2 hours. Overeating seems to cause more pain.
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    Congrats on your new baby!

    Breastmilk is gentler on the tummy than formula. Even small babies can thrive on just breastmilk if you wanted to get rid of the formula.

    Some babies can get frustrated with the breast after being fed by bottle, which leads them to take less milk from the breast

    Not sure from your post whether you want to continue breastfeeding, or if you wantt to continue mix feeding. Both are possible.

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    Default A few possibilities for you

    Hi there,

    While a lot of what you describe sounds like typical reflux - usually stomach acid doesn't kick in until about weeks 4 to 6. So it may not be burning that's causing it, although she still is very likely to be refluxing (without burn). Mine did the same thing. She was underweight and never fed well. Screamed and arched, pulled of the breast blah blah and no one ever told me that one of the major risk factors for reflux in babies is prematurity or small for dates.

    What is more likely is cows milk protein intolerance (CMPI). It's reasonably common and you can test for it by eliminating dairy from your diet and switching formula for top ups - talk to your paed. About half the bubs who are CMPI are also intolerant to soy so watch your intake of that too just in case.

    For more info on managing reflux bubs have a look at or reflux infants support association on facebook. Website is more comprehensive though.

    Good luck with all this. RISA also has forums through the website specifically targeted at bubs with the kind of behaviours you describe.

    I feel for you. Its hard and I remember it well. If you think something is wrong, something is wrong. Trust your gut. Constipation is part and parcel of reflux - its a motility disorder of the entire GI tract - top to tail and it can also be caused by CMPI etc. I found my bub got worse at the point after birth where I hit the coffee (and dairy) hard to try and cope. Ha!

    Jo Matthews
    Reflux Infants Support Association

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