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    To my knowledge I've never met anyone from bubhub so I would consider them a support network not my friends, but not strangers.
    People on bubhub know things about my life that I wouldn't dare tell a real life friend.

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    ...hmm I'm pretty sure I wrote the strangers comment!
    (If it wasn't me, then I definitely wrote it and deleted it in one of my posts yesterday)

    I've been here for ages (I just don't post often), so there are people on here I feel I know really well, even though I'd be a stranger to them. And even then, there'd be less than 100 members that I feel like I "know well" out of 99,037 members, so the vast majority really are strangers.

    And even that handful that I "know", what they post on here is only a snapshot of their whole lives so I realise I don't and can't truly know them.

    I certainly didn't mean to diminish the very real friendships that people do form on here or anywhere online, but again, I don't think anyone is genuinely friends with every other member so strangers is a more accurate generalisation than friends.

    On further thought, I do consider BH to be a community though, every member is part of a bigger whole and has opportunity to interact. So while I still think we're (mostly) strangers, we're less strangery (less strange? lol) than some random person plucked off the street or something...
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    I've made my best friends in Australia from here - and yes, we meet up every week for coffee and gossip... I go to playgroup with a couple of them on a different day too.

    As for the "only" online ones, I view some as friends, some as aquaintances and some as people to be avoided, especially in a dark alley

    Anyway, I think anyone can be offended by anything so... but as more of a lurker than a poster I was fine with it I think you have to remember, especially when you ask for opinions or advice, that you a) don't know who has read what, b) who knows what and c) that everyone is different...


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