Hi there!
I am a personal trainer with a specific interest in families and really making fitness work for those with busy family/work lifestyles.
I'm looking to find interested stay at home parents that would like to participate in bootcamps during the daytime. I was thinking 1 or 2 weekdays at around 9 or 9:30am.
The location would be the Deception Bay PCYC. It would be set up on one of the big courts, so the parents could work out at one end and the children could play down the other end (soft mats, mini tramps, balls etc.). I would have it set up so that each parent can clearly see their child. Everyone would be responsible for their own child (leaving the class momentarily if their child was upset). But generally, no-one would have to feel guilty if their child was crying etc. as everyone would be in the same boat!
I'm just putting feelers out at the moment, but if you would be interested I would definately love to hear from you!
Casey :-)