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    Angry Almost 5 year old now not sleeping :(

    Hi Everyone!

    So.... I was up again last night with my daughter (olivia) who up until about 3-4 months ago was a brilliant sleeper!

    It started when we realised that Olivia was having Night Terrors which is a terrifying thing to witness, this lasted about 1.5 months most nights. I spoke with our GP about this and was advised that it is something that a lot of children seem to get and she shouldnt remember any of it and will be something she just grows out of.

    Olivia has stopped having night terrors but is constantly waking up in the night saying that she cant sleep, she wont get out of bed when she wakes up but lays there and bellows down the hall to us and if we dont respond she screams like she is in pain!

    If my husband or myself are sitting there with her she will fall back to sleep but a couple of minutes after we leave her room she starts screaming out again and we are back to square 1.
    We refuse to let her sleep in our bed and to sleep anywhere else (we have given in a couple of times and slept in the lounge room with her just so that we can get some sleep ourselves)

    I am currently pregnant and we thought this may be the cause but it was happening before I found out, she has started Kinder this year and still attends daycare the other 2 days and she has told us that nothing is bothering her, we have also tried music in her room with night lights and hallway lights on. We have a sleep chart for treats when she has a great sleep but this doesnt appear to be working either.

    Please help, if anyone has any other suggestions I would be greatful, I would love to be able to get her settled before the baby comes along (which isnt until december) but this is very unlike her and we have tried so many options.


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    Hi, it sounds like you are doing everything you can in the right way. Although not getting anywhere which must be way too frustrating.

    There is a book about sleep which is really good....save our sleep for birth to two yrs, by fizzle hall. There may be something similar for older kids.

    Try raisingchildren.net.au ..... This is a great resource.

    Talk to your doctor who could refer you to someone who could help. There could be something wrong that they can't verbalise!

    Another idea I was told when my five yr old was being really naughty at school was to get him to draw his feelings.

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    Would a sticker chart or some sort of reward work for her. If she doesn't call out then she gets a sticker and after five nights gets to choose a special activity or "prize".

    We used to use a small dim night light for DD2, she was too scared to get up and go to the toilet because she couldn't see.



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