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    Quote Originally Posted by WorkingClassMum View Post
    Then we best not pretend that our actions will not always impact on our kids.
    Of course our actions or inactions impact our children. I don't see anyone saying otherwise?

    This is obviously a very emotive subject, one that has bought about some harsh posts, by a lot of members including myself.

    In all of the posts though, I don't recall at any point anyone saying that kids will always bounce back, nor that our actions as parents does not impact on our kids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BNK View Post
    But only in the right circumstances. Giving your children up because they are hard work or 'get in the way of a 'new' life, is never the right reason.
    But there are so many factors that could lead a parent to thinking that way.

    *the way they were raised
    *childhood experiences that have left them with their own issues
    *fear of not being 'good enough' for their child
    *fear of failing as a parent
    *fear of messing up their childs life
    *insecurities within themselves

    The list could go on and on as to why someone makes that choice... yeah sure they may come across as uncaring or just wanting to start afresh but who knows what actually bought them to make that decision? who is to say that a parent that doesn't want their kids but stick around out of fear of judgement is any better for that child as opposed to a career or guardian that can guide and love and appreciate them??


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