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    Default the announcement is approaching...

    We have just about hit the mark where we believe it's 'safe' to announce to family and friends we are expecting again.
    You think i'd be happy to finally blurt out our wonderful news! To share the joy in bringing another tiny miracle into our lives. To see faces light up at the joyful news. To experience all the excitement that comes with announcing to my closest family and friends that we are going to be having another baby in 5 short months.

    Well, to be honest. Im not at all looking forward to sharing our news and i dont know why.
    I have just LOVED keeping our little secret. Just the 3 of us know about the tiny little wonder growing inside me. It feels special. It almost feels like the moment you give birth and only you and your partner are aware of what has happened. For that moment, it's just you, him and your baby. The rest of the world doesnt matter for this once in a lifetime moment. This one time, you dont care about anyone else except what is in your arms and that person beside you.

    For my first baby's birth, i relished keeping her to ourselves for as long as possible. We were not in any hurry to tell the world about her just yet......Untill the nurses bombarded us with a guilt trip and constantly asking us if we have 'spread the news yet?' just a few hours after giving birth!!! i felt i was forced to share our baby before we were ready....if that makes sense? We had visitors (family) that night and my baby was taken from me and being passed around the room/sneezed on/handled/un-wrapped/poked and prodded/ohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing by her relatives.......i just wanted them all to go away and leave me to snuggle my newborn.

    As im writing this, what is really bugging me is knowing that certain 'friends' are going to find out. These certain 'friends' are the type who only make contact with us when it's convinient for them. They dont make any effort to see us, regardless of how many times i drop everything to set up a catch up with them to be let down at the last minute.
    It seems weird and selfish, but i dont want the announcement that we are having another baby, to give these 'friends' and excuse to finally make the effort to catch up with us. "oh, your pregnant! lets have a coffee/dinner/lunch and tell me everything!".....uhhh, no. What about that coffee i organised last week that u cancelled 5 mins before i was walking out the door because u were "sick".

    The 20 odd people on FB who never talk to me, yet are going to find out "our secret".

    Am i the only one who want's to keep a pregnancy to ourselves? It's such a petty and stupid reason as to why im not keen on sharing our news. Announcing youre pregnant is wonderful news and who really cares who finds out?? It's not really something to be secretive about, right?.....

    I'm just going to miss having our little 'secret'..........Im already stressing out about the birth and telling DH i dont want ANYONE to know or see us for at least the first 24hrs aftr the birth.

    I actually think im a hormonal mess right now and this thread is a total rambling mess LOL. Oh the joys of being pregnant.

    But, in a bit of seriousness, can anyone relate to how im feeeling?

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    Yep, I can. For this reason we kept the gender of our second to ourselves, it was nice knowing something nobody else did (we told them we didnt find out), & after she was born had some lovely hours alone. I only told close friends I was pregnant so there has been many moment since having #2 and seeing people in the street looking surprised to see me with a newborn. Just do what suits you, bugger everyone else. I also have 'friends' that only call for gossip so now I make sure they are the last to know

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    I can totally understand that - next time I'm not announcing on FB till the baby is born lol.

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    I completely understand. Last pregnancy I didn't find out myself until 12 weeks and my partner wouldn't tell his parents until I was 6 months although I wanted him to. This time I loved knowing and wanted to keep it to ourselves but he's so excited he is telling everyone. I'm hoping when we are at the hospital this time I can limit visitors. There was way too many last time and I hardly got to hold him myself.

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    I work in a hospital and it is very common for ladies having babies to request to be anonymous for a few days after the birth. We don't put calls through or tell anyone that they are a patient.
    With my second Bub, when we announced that he had arrived, we asked for no visitors for 24 hours and amazingly, people respected it!

    Congratulations, enjoy this special time <3


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