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    i have two wonderful stories!!!

    ds (now nearly 10 years old) was 10 days overdue and had to be induced. had the gel at night before then drip/waters broken at 9am the next morning. walked around the hospital with the drip and contractions began about 10am. had a shower, got up on the bed head kneeling against the pillows facing the wall.
    asked for gas as the contractions were getting intense and the midwife check showed i was fully dilated only 3-1/2 hrs later!
    some pushing (same position, up over the bed head) and my son was born.
    slight tear only because ds had his hand up on his head as he was born.
    got up off the bed an hour later and walked back to my room with him!
    3 hr labor

    my dd (8 months old) i was 7 days overdue at home. i lost my plug at 9pm, my waters broke at 9.15pm. ds madly raced around calling the hospital and getting my bag! first contractions kicked in at 9.30 as we hopped in the car for the 40min drive to hospital. (hubby did a great job!)
    was taken to EXACTLY the SAME ROOM where i delivered my son nearly 10 yrs before!! hopped up on the bed in the same position and had a few sucks of gas and my ds was born at 10.45pm. no tearing!
    1 hr 15 min labor

    yes the contractions hurt, but it is like a crescendo/wave and just when you think you can't stand it, they ease up and you get this wonderful, blissful break. i honestly think the position i gave birth in up over the bed head was really helpful, i had wonderful midwives and very short labours.

    best of luck to you all!

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    My second baby was born in an hour and twenty minutes lol. I literally woke up and thought "oh **** I'm about to give birth." I also really didn't find birth all that painful except for the crowning which doesn't last long. With my first baby I was 7 cm before I even got to hospital and that was mainly because I had a "bloody show" which I didnt know about and I panicked. Childbirth can be very empowering.

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    My DD2 birth was the most empowering, healing experience of my life. We had a planned home water birth (after a traumatic hospital birth with DD1).
    My waters broke just after 7pm (I was 5cm dilated but had no contractions prior to waters breaking) and contractions came on hard and fast (but manageable). Baby and placenta had been delivered by 10:47pm the same night (it took over half an hr after baby was out for the placenta to be born).
    Afterwards I sat on the lounge breastfeeding and chatting with my midwives and support people (while we had cheeses and they drank champagne - it was like a really chilled party).
    Later on my MW tucked us all up in bed and baby and I slept till 8am when my DP and DD1 bought me breakfast in bed.
    It was an amazing birth and I am so proud that I was able to have my dream birth (she is also a dream baby who is the most amazing sleeper!!! Although not sure her birth had anything to do with that).

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    How did your induction go?

    Hope it all went well for you

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    Hi ladies, thanks for the stories . I now have a beautiful little girl.

    Negatives and positives to my labour....I've found that I feel a lot more confident about the next time around, now I know what does and doesn't work well for me, rather than terrified of going through it again, even though it did hurt a lot. Me and DH are going to plan a lot better next time now that we have actually been through the experience.

    Ouch, ouch! I found the pains came on strongly quite quickly, which I wasn't really prepared for. I also got diff info from diff midwives, with some saying stay active, others trying to get me to sleep that night between pains. I was given some pain relief such as pethidine but I didn't really find it much help. I got an epidural the day after I was induced, which did not work completely and was 'patchy', so I felt some pain still on my right side. Man, I turn into a whiney bi-atch when in pain! I didn't scream or cry, but I did moan and cry out a bit, I think I sounded a bit like a p*rn star . Suddenly the epidural wasn't working as well and I asked them what could be done to improve it, they examined me and said that I needed to start pushing! Suddenly I actually was waiting for the pains not in fear, but to guide me in pushing, it was like they stopped hurting as much and were helping me. The midwives told my mother that it could be hours before I pushed the baby out, but thanks to the pains giving me the info I needed I did it in about 10 minutes, with only a few pushes, which seemed to surprise them

    I learnt what to expect and what not to do next time, which I think will really help me:

    - I can't hop in a hot bath even if it makes the pain feel better, I'll just feel faint/sick
    - I'd like to stay at home for part of the labour next time, I think I would feel better being at home and able to distract myself
    - I'd use an epidural again if I can
    - Resting during labour isn't a great move for me!
    - Seeing the pain as helping me along actually makes me perceive it as less intense, as soon as I knew the contractions were guiding me I could tolerate them so much better

    Thanks again ladies for all your stories

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    Congratulations ellymoe!!!!

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