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    Don't cancel, it's worth it. Getting tonislitis all the time isn't good either and the antibiotics will stop working eventually, thats why I got mine out. Once you're healed the only sore throat you'll ever get again is a scratchy throat when you get a cold, no running to the dr for meds for every cold.

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    I remember my brother having his out and I think it is the same as with most surgery. Pain and discomfort but it did go away and it has now been about 16 years and I havn't heard of him having anything wrong much since. He used to be down with tonsils all the time.

    Maybe you should be asking about how everyone is going a bit further in the future and if they had any problems or if their life was much better not getting sick all the time.

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    I did. I also had my throat widened to remove excess tissue at the same time. It finally stopped me snoring. I had been getting tonsilitis more regularly than my period. Recovery sucked and took about 3 weeks, but being illness/ antibiotic free for years at a time has been worth it.

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    I had mine out at the beginning of the year. Yes, it was painful but not unbearable. For about 7 days it felt like I had a really bad sore throat and ear infection. I also snored a lot due to excess saliva. Had two weeks off work.

    Best thing I ever did! No more 3 lots of antibiotics every month - I was afraid I was creating the next super bug! I can fly now without fear of my eyes not popping (so painful!). In a plane that is, I didn't get super powers unfortunately. And I fell pregnant 2 months after the operation, after trying for over a year.

    Pm me if you have any questions!


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