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    Default How do you manage without a car?

    Just curious as I was without my car for a week recently and thought it would be easy as DD and I were both sick and not planning to go out anyway. I also had access to a car after my dh got home from work but DD got really irritable after a while like she had cabin fever. We caught the bus to the city one day but with a pram that's pretty hard work. How do you manage with kids and no car and what about if you have more than one child?

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    It really depends on where you live, I guess. I don't drive and i get around fine. I have friends with more than one kid who don't drive, and get around fine. But it would be hard if you had bad public transport links. How old is/are your LO/s? I never found the bus too hard, but I've mostly just either used a little compact stroller, or baby carrier. Since DS was 2, he usually just walks, especially if we go somewhere he'll be out of the pusher the whole time anyway. He loves riding on the bus, and it fills in some time. The only time it really sucks is when you just need to run one little errand, like the other night I needed parsley for dinner, it was 5.30, DS didn't want to go in the pusher, and it was a 40 minute round trip to the supermarket to get some, if i had a car it would have been 10.
    But yeah, we stick fairly close to home, so everything's in walking distance, and everything else we do is on the closest tram/train/bus lines so they are easy enough to get to.
    I'm hoping to get my license soon though, as I think it really would just be easier especially with 2 kids.

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    My son is almost 5yrs old. It sucks but we manage fine. I wish i could drive as it would make life much easier with days that it rains, geting places etc but the public transport here is ok for us.

    Next few weeks when i can find a day off from work, i am going to get my learners so i can work towards the job i want.

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    We live in such a great location that we could easily survive without a car. We hardly use it because everything is in walking distance. Even when the weather is horrid, I'll walk in the rain with bub and toddler to pick up my eldest from preschool, rather than take the car out- its just easier.
    We put petrol in our car every couple of months and have pay as you drive insurance- we've done on average 3000km a year the last 4 years.


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