Hi All,

I'm new to this so not sure whether I'm in the right section.

So I'm 15weeks pregnant with 2nd baby. I had a few issues with my first pregnancy- diagnosed with PIH at 33weeks was put on highest does of medication allowed for pregnant women. I had DS at 38weeks by c-section, was induced but DS went into fetal distress due to true knot in cord. He was very small (2.6kgs) but fed really well and is now 14months old and a very healthy 12kgs.

I had my first appointment at the hospital this week and have been told I'm eligible for VBAC but just wanted to know if any other ladies out there have experienced anything similar and what there outcomes were?

Would love to go naturally this time but have been told my chances are slim.

Also has anyone else had PIH with first pregnancy but not with second?

Thanks ladies.