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    I thought it was great. I could relate to it a lot. I had a difficult breastfeeding relationship with my son and it makes me feel bad sometimes. However I addressed so many of my issues before I had my second so that I didn't experience that again.. and have had such a beautiful bonding experience this time around. I thought it was good how the show looked at those genuine social barriers to breastfeeding like returning to work, the fact that breastfeeding isnt popular, how its rare to see in public.. and how breasts are seen as sexual rather than it being normal for them to have dual roles. I watched it with my best friend who is hoping to have a baby soon and has lots of self image issues and also finds breastfeeding weird and said she wasn't sure she could do it.. she said she had no idea formula and breastmilk are so different and particularly about how its much better for sick/preterm babies and she is pursuaded to give it a go. I think what was good about it was that it acknowledged that breastmilk is awesome but also that for lots of women its not as simple as knowing that and therefore doing it... I really like the cherry documentaries.

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    I very much liked that doco & have seen Cherry's other ones - she is a great journalist & presented it really well. Her experiences & those of the people she talks to are really interesting & insightful.

    Alot of what she discussed has really resounded with me. The horrible first few weeks of BF with cracked nipples where I was in tears curling my toes in agony when DD fed...(nowhere near as bad as some & with the help of shields we got past it thankfully).

    I did see this last year but watched it again as a refresher as I am now back at work full time (did a month part time first) and am trying to express feed DD for as long as possible. Struggling a bit with supply & possibly facing a decision about supplementing with formula until I can build it up. It is breaking my heart & I feel guilty as all else even considering it.
    So seeing things from both sides like this is helping me see that whether BF or FF - as long as you do your utmost to ensure bubs is fed, are happy & healthy then you're doing the right thing as a mum.
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    That's what I liked about it as well, it was absolutely the real life! My nipples were so cracked that dd vomited blood everywhere. Those thongs are not honestly told before hand though, so when if you dont know about it, these crackled nipples hit you like a train! And you need to be absolutely determined to breastfeed to work through that pain!!
    Just the way the babies were fiddling around etc, it was absolutely the way it is. In most breastfeeding books etc they show pics of happy mums breastfeeding and when your baby fiddles around for 10 mins you think it is your fault, that you are doing sth wrong. It made me really feel good watching it, even if I am now almost getting a 'breastfeeding oldie'


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