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    You are doing yourself, your dd, your dh & your marriage a HUGE favour to cut them out of your life completely. I don't say that lightly, but seriously they are not nice people to put it mildly. You do not need such crazy, negative, lying people in your lives. It is not a benefit to your dd for her to be in contact with them.

    It is THEIR behaviour that makes this move necessary, it's nothing you have done. Don't let them emotionally blackmail you to think it's your problem, it's not. They will not change. By all means have contact with your dh's siblings in the future if they are acceptable people to be around, but don't feel obligated on that front either.

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    You poor thing, I really feel for you, I know exactly what it's like to have a panic attack over il's, but mine are no where near this bad and actually got better when I fell with DD.

    If you are feeling bad about severing the relationship, write an email telling them all of the hurtful things they have done and said to and about you and your DH and DD. That way they can't go off on their tangents, they'll have to listen, might make you feel like you've done everything you can.

    I would def see a councilor. Try not to feel frustrated that they have pushed you into it, but see it as a way to let go of all of the anger and frustration they have caused you. It can only be healthy for your DD, children are so perceptive, and I can tell how much you care for her well-being - You need to be a happy, positive role model, how can you be when the il's are making you feel so horrible all of the time?

    Severing ties might be painful now, but think of all of the pain you can save yourself and family in the future.

    Good luck, be brave


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