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    Default crazy dreaming

    This last week i have been having the strangest most vivid dreams ever!
    I am 11 weeks pregnant TODAY! woo! and i am booked in to have the NT scan nxt week and also see the little person in me for the second time. I am feeling hopeful, but nervous. Part of me still wonder's if anything is still living in there? Been sick as a dog and tired is an understatement. Complete oposite pregnancy compared to my first and for this reason only, im thinking it could be a boy lol....we arent finding out tho!
    Anyways i just want to share my strange dreams more or less to get them down and out of my had beause they really have freaked me out!

    I had a dream everyone knew i was pregnant at 10 weeks and they all celebrated with drinks. I was offered a drink and when i refused my family and DH said "oh dont be silly, of course you can drink while ur pregnant! you just cant get drunk and all that..."
    So....i had a drink, and another, and another......and i got drunk!
    I felt so guitly and told DH "i drank too much, have i hurt the baby?" DH said "nah, u only had 6 or 7, u'll be right".
    So from then on, i was drinking ALL THE TIME!
    I was huge and pregnant and had a drink in my hand alll the time and no one bat an eyelid.

    **********Warning this is TMI...........

    The next dream that was so vivid was that i miscarried. I have never eperienced miscarrage.
    I think i was just 12 weeks when it happened. The pains i felt actually woke me up but because i needed to pee real bad lol.
    Anyways, i was bleeding heaps while sitting on a chair in a hospital. Watching the blood just gush out of me like a tap. Then the doctor said to put my hand down thre to catch the 'fetus'....
    And i did. I saw it and it was in my hand...this weird looking see-thru, long thin thing with hands and feet. Was the size of my little finger and weighed nothing.
    Then i said 'so this is it. For 12 weeks i held onto this and now i cant ever have it back? i cant fix it?..."
    And that was it. I woke up.
    I was really, really sad. I still cant shake that image of what was in my hand out of my head.

    So...am i crazy? do you have weird dreams while ur pregnant?

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    Apparently having quite vivid dreams is common during pregnancy. But I always have very vivid dreams even when not pregnant and can recount them in detail where as DH hardly ever remembers his dreams or only had a vague memory of them.
    I have had about half a dozen pregnancy related dreams where I've done something bad that could harm my baby and have woken with my heart pounding until I realise it was just a dream. Like you said, the drinking alcohol ones are common for me as well. I always dream that I've drank and smoked and "forgotten" that I was pregnant and in my dreams I freak out!
    You're not crazy at all. It's just that you're worried and have a lot on your mind! At the start of my pregnancy I had a dream that I gave birth to a cat! And I wrapped her up and carried her around like a real baby!


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