Hi all, I am 36+4 with my first and was diagnosed with GDM 4 days ago. My fasting glucose was 5.6 and they like it under 5.5!! My post glucose tests were all normal. I have a machine at home and all my sugars have been within normal range. Because of the GDM issue they're saying that I will be induced at 40 weeks. I am so upset about about this as I really don't want to be induced as I know it increases your risk of needing intervention and I would love to try and have a "normal" delivery. They scanned for baby size and I'm coming in at 35th percentile predicting a 7-7.5lb baby. Head is down but not engaged and baby in an anterior position.
I suppose I want to see if people have been in a similar position. I was so disappointed about the diagnosis as my 28 week test was excellent. They only retested me because I'm overweight. The midwives are amazed at how well I have done as I have gained no weight in pregnancy, have excellent BP and have had no issues. I'm giving birth at Redlands on Brisbane Bayside