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    Default HELP Gestational Diabetes and Induction

    Hi all, I am 36+4 with my first and was diagnosed with GDM 4 days ago. My fasting glucose was 5.6 and they like it under 5.5!! My post glucose tests were all normal. I have a machine at home and all my sugars have been within normal range. Because of the GDM issue they're saying that I will be induced at 40 weeks. I am so upset about about this as I really don't want to be induced as I know it increases your risk of needing intervention and I would love to try and have a "normal" delivery. They scanned for baby size and I'm coming in at 35th percentile predicting a 7-7.5lb baby. Head is down but not engaged and baby in an anterior position.
    I suppose I want to see if people have been in a similar position. I was so disappointed about the diagnosis as my 28 week test was excellent. They only retested me because I'm overweight. The midwives are amazed at how well I have done as I have gained no weight in pregnancy, have excellent BP and have had no issues. I'm giving birth at Redlands on Brisbane Bayside

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    Hey there,
    I was induced for GDM (and a few other issues) just under 3 weeks ago at 37 weeks.
    I had the gel twice but it was ineffective. My water was broken the next day and I had the drip. Bubs was delivered vaginally a bit over 9hrs later with no other intervention She was only 2.9kgs so not big at all!

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    I had GD with DD and I have it again now (was diagnosed at 16 weeks this time).

    With DD I was booked in for induction at 39 weeks, but went into spontaneous labour at 38 weeks, and delivered her totally naturally and she only weighed 6lb6oz.

    This time (I'm only 24 weeks at the mo), I'm being monitored closely and having extra scans to check growth. They said that if I have good control they will let me go to 40 weeks and induce then.

    Try not to stress. Just because you have GD, it doesn't always mean that you can't have a "normal" delivery.


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