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    Default ovulation without temp rise?

    2nd month of tracking, this time using prediction strips.
    Ive had the right cm, and the strips came up positive yesterday (today wasnt as strong so a negative???) so I was expecting a temp increase this morning but it didnt.
    do you have to have a temp rise? Im pretty sure (hoping anyway) I have Ovulated (as I dont want a cycle longer than 30days)

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    Remember the temp rise is 12 - 24 hours AFTER ovulation and the ovulation urine tests are 12 - 24 hours BEFORE ovulation. So, it can take 2 - 3 days from the test strips being positive to the temp rise. And of course, an isolated higher temp means nothing until it's also high the next day (or higher). Be patient and see what happens tomorrow (and the next day).


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