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    Default 2ww needing company

    hi everyone

    just needing to vent and thought i would start this thread for anyone in the 2ww atm and wanting to share our frustrations and just vent

    i am 2dp5dt and i have been very moody with dh since starting the crione i have never felt so much angery towards him its not every day but still i am ashamed i even act this way with him he has been so supportive though this whole process and i treat him like garbage he just laughs and says its the crione talking but that just make me worse and i have to leave the room

    yesterday i started to get light af cramps so i rushed to the bathroom in a panic thinking af was nocking and stayed on the toilet for 20mins till cramping stopped i was so relieved it wasnt af then at 4am i woke up from very strong af cramps which lasted 2mins but i still layed in bed crying thinking af was coming for sure i just felt like i was in a dark hole and i cant control what is happening to me ive been getting af cramps all day on and off and all i want to do is cry

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    B4us, I am not in tww yet, but have been there many times. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck, and tell you to hang in there. It will all be worth it in the end.

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