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    Hi 2boofulgals, you are not a failure!

    I was just going to ask whether your little one was gaping ok - apparently if bubs don't open their mouths wide enough they cannot get the nipple in the back of their mouth which can damage the nipple and also prevent bub from getting enough milk easily.
    We went to a paed osteo, and turns out my baby had some tightness around the top vertebrae and some problem in the roof of the mouth (not arching the way it should) which prevented him from gaping properly...
    (In the end we weren't able to BF (so I totally understand how you feel) but have been bottle feeding EBM for 6 months now.)

    About nipple shields - I remember reading the shields we have now do not affect supply like the old ones that used to be around. ( I can try to find the site/studies if you are interested.)
    Also, make sure you are using the correct size shield for your nipple. (If the one given to you is not the right size it can still cause excruciating pain.)

    Good luck whatever feeding path you take. Whether you BF/EBM/FF the most important thing is that you are able to enjoy your bub

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    Hiya you have had some good suggestions already so a couple of extra tips that came to me as I skimmed through.

    -you can try putting some ice on your nipple just before a feed. it numbs the area and can help relieve pain (its ok to do this + use the nipple shield). Might be better than haemerroid cream
    -panadol 30 mins before a feed for pain
    -have you tired baby led attachment? video attached below. It can help babies get a big wide mouth and good attachment


    Sometimes in teh early days, despite great attachment, there can be a case of 'oro-boobular disproportion'. Which means his little mouth is slightly too small for your nipple/breast and so it causes pain on feeding. Many mums notice by 2-3 weeks the little mouth has grown enough to get a good latch and it no longer hurts. Thisis especially true with mums who have unusually large nipples. If tongue tie, thrush, vasospasm and other medical causes have been ruled out, this is a possibility. Some mums have expressed and bottle fed (or finger fed using a fine tube) for up to 5 weeks while their babies mouth grows, and have then successfully gotten bub to attach and breastfeed full time from then on. How does it feel when you pump? if it is thrush or vasospasm, it is likely that pumping will hurt too. If it is attachment, the pump will probably feel comfortable. Some mums even find taking bub off breast for 48-72 hours is enough to allow the nipples to heal enough and to go back to breast and try again. To maintain supply you'll need to be pumping 3 hourly through the day and twice overnight (around 7-8 times in 24 hours)

    if the nipple shield is helping, then dont be scared to use this as long as you need. It can affect supply in some mums, but for many mums it is a lifesaver. There are lots of ways to wean off the nipple shield down the track. The main thing is his attachment still needs to be good with the shield or it can rub as he feeds and make the damage worse. But if the attachment is fine and your nipples are only hurting because of previous damage then go for it.

    you are doing a great job

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    I knw everyone says breastfeeding doesnt hurt and if it does you're doing it wrong but I disagree. Honestly, it hurts. Until your nipples get used to it it's painful, excruciating even. I breastfed my dd for 21 months. My ds is 3 weeks old and I'm just getting over pain, shredded nipples, blood and cracks. Theres nothing wrong with me or with our attachment breastfeeding causes constant friction and nipples are sensitive. Being my second time I healed really fast. I used shields and within three feeds things were much better. A week later and I wasn't needing shields and am feeding without pain. Same baby, same boob, same latch. Sometimes breastfeeding hurts. Don't give up yet, it's also a wonderful experience for you and your baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2boofulgals View Post
    I am just not meant to BF. I've typed this thread 2 TIMES now already and my PC won't let it upload. SO here's for the third time lucky.

    My boy was 5 weeks prem and spent 2 weeks in special care being tube fed then bottle fed EBM. Since coming home a week ago we've been expressing and bottle feeding and trying to BF as well.

    I've seen 2 LC's who've told me I'm doing everything right. Despite this I am in AGONY and my nipples feel like they're on fire. I cry every time I feed him and I dread it and I hate myself for that. Not sure if this is because my nipples are already damaged but what else can I do? Everyone says not to bottle feed as it causes nipple confusion and perhaps that's the problem but he's so keen to BF and feeds for about 40 mins and sleeps between 3-4 hours each time.

    I just don't know what to do, I'm so afraid to feed him next time. I actually cry out in pain and it's distressing my 3 and 4 year old daughters. My son of course must be picking up on my acute discomfort and I'm concerned it will affect my let down and supply.

    I'm at a loss. What an EPIC failure I am.
    I could have written that exact post 3 years ago. The only difference was my DD was 2 weeks past her due date.

    I would cry when she started getting hungry cause I knew what I was in for, I cried while I was feeding her because the pain was horrendous, I cried afterwards cause of the guilt....

    I saw 2 LC's and I left in tears cause they told me that my technique was right and DD was latching correctly and I was like "well why does it hurt so bad? Why are my boobs ripped to shreds? Is this what breast feeding is all about?" and I felt like I was at the MCHN's office every second day crying and asking for help.

    It took 10 long weeks but we got there, the sores healed, the pain went away and we were feeding great, I really started to enjoy it. We made it to 17 months when she self weaned

    I was desperate to breast feed but it was awful for those first 10 weeks and I look back now and wonder how/why I didn't give up. Everyone who saw my emotional state told me to stop, that it wasn't good for me or DD to be going through that every feed....but I just couldn't bring myself to stop.

    Best bit of advice for the pain and sores on your nipples: air dry them under the heat lamps in your bathroom, if you dont have them then dry with a hair dryer (not too close or too hot!). Using those lanolin creams made my sores worse, like they just wouldn't heal tucked away behind a bra and soggy breast pad! Eww!

    As for the pain during feeding, try anything and everything - try laying down, sitting up, walking or standing while feeding (for some reason I held her at a better height to my nipple while standing?). Switching positions each feed will mean your nipple is sitting in a different position in his mouth and it won't be rubbing in exactly the same sore spot.

    Don't feel bad or guilty. You are doing an amazing job. Get support where you can, hang in there I promise it WILL get better!

    Feel free to PM me to vent or whatever, I totally understand where you're coming from

    All the best!

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