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FB ladies, you see the car at the top of my timeline? That's my BMW 540i sedan. 4.4ltrs of classy, V8 elegance. All black leather upholstery, timber paneling, looks great, drives better and goes like a rocket!

Now THAT'S a classy dad's car!!!

My poor Dh drives around in a 2006 Holden Barina hatch back..
It's blue so I try to tell him it's nice and "manly" it's my old car and it still has the tweetie car seat covers on it.. What??.. They were on sale! I swear
The number plate has the letters LAM so now all of his mates call him "Lamie"

My Dh does boxing as a hobby so its a funny sight seeing this big guy in a wee little car... But he was the one who insisted on selling his Car to save money when dd was born.. So I can secretly laugh all I want :lol: