Hi people, I'm hoping you can help.

My little girl has always been a really good sleeper. Usually at about 8.30 (the earliest I can get her to bed), I say "bedtime" and she grabs her dummy & blankie and kisses us both and we start walking to her room. When I put her in her cot she waves to me and says "bye", and then she puts herself to sleep.

For the last week and a half DD is refusing to go to bed, she screams, this high pitched scream followed by coughing and splatering (im sure she's going to vomit one night), we usually leave her for about 10 mins, but it's continuous screaming. When we go in there, she wants to get up, so we put her on the couch with us and she falls asleep.

The same happens during the night if she wakes up.

We changed her cot into a Toddler Bed yesterday, but the only thing this did is made DD wander into our room in the middle of the night. We struggled for an hour to put her to sleep and then after she fell asleep (for 5 mins) we struggled for another 30 mins.

The only thing that I can think of is that both my mum & my MIL have been putting her in bed with our sisters some morning when I drop DD off and she won't go back to sleep. I'm thinking this has created a bad habit.

Would love any advice, I'm 7 wks PG with my 2nd and I'm bloody exhausted!