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    Default Refusal

    I was planning on dropping a feed a week for next two weeks so DD gets used to two ff a day before going to care. She hates defrosted EBM hence going formula route. She had one this morning and has now refused me this afternoon (tears and pushing me away). Yet she clearly wanted it as she took some EBM I just expressed.

    Two things:
    1. anyone have ideas that have worked in getting a baby to accept you again after refusal (have looked at ABA website and going to do bath thing tonight).
    2. How to manage engorgement while reducing supply (if refusal continues)?

    Hopefully this is just a hiccup for this arvo!


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    I went back to work early on, so my son has to balance between breast and EBM.At around 3 or 4 months, he went on a breastfeeding strike, and would only take EBM. After humouring it for days, I ended up refusing anything but breastfeeding. I started that morning and he refused, and screamed, so I carried him around to settle him. After about 4 hours, he reluctantly took the breast again and improved after that.i was worried the pattern would repeat once I had to go to work later that week and reintroduce EBM, but he didn't do it again.From memory, the Kellymom site had some information about it. they call it "nursing strike" for googling purposes.i did call the aba at the time, and they suggested I stop bottles of EBM completely and replace with a cup and spoon, but it just wasn't practical for daycare, and I had to work, but I guess that would have been my next approach if he repeatedly went on strike.I didn't have the engorgement issue, sorry, as I just kept pumping as I didn't want supply affected.
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