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    Default 10.5 month old suddenly waking in night, and rejecting mommy!

    Our DS has suddenly began waking the night right at 2.30am and staying awake for two hours. We can't figure out the problem. We have tried putting on/removing extra blankets, adjusting the temperature of the room, and giving baby nurofen before bed (he has four teeth coming in on top). We have a regular bedtime routine and he usually drifts off to sleep no problem around 8pm. He wakes crying and screaming and no matter what we do, this continues with intermittant smiles but mostly crying. We try to keep the lights dim in the house when we get him up but this makes him scream more until the lights are on and then he quiets down.

    To top things off, DS has suddenly become heavily attached to Daddy and doesn't want Mommy. I'll hold DS but he'll push me away screaming and looking for Daddy until Daddy appears, then DS reaches for him like I'm some crazy lady he doesn't know. It makes me sad and I 'm sure it's just a phase, but it makes it very hard for Daddy to do everything, especially trying to put down a screaming baby for two hours in the wee hours of the morning.

    I should mention that we are moving house in a few days. DS's room isn't packed yet, and most of our boxes are in the garage so we've kept change to the inside of our house to a minimum. Maybe DS senses a change? Daddy is taking two weeks off work for the move and is home all day now, so maybe this is a change that DS is adjusting to, also.

    But we are so exhausted and we need our energy to move house. I've come down with a cold, and DS is getting over one himself. We're a mess! LOL

    Thanks for any suggestions in calming down our little man, it's awful hearing him scream and upset, and we need our sleep. Thanks. Also, if anyone has any tips for making DS's adjustment in the new house easier, it would be appreciated!

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    I would try getting a sweaty tshirt of yours and dads to put in his cot.


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